The Successful Tradie Business Boost SP

Are you flat out busy every day of the week, doing great work and keeping the customers happy but somehow the bank account always seems stuck in the same spot? 

  • Do you have so much to do it’s always a struggle deciding what comes next and really you could do without it?  
  • Of course you love what you do and make a pretty good job of it but does the paperwork drive you nuts?  
  • Naturally the family is totally happy with the hours you work and loves feeding off your energy levels when you get home to play….not!  

If you recognize yourself in any of these, then you’re in the right place.

  • At the end of the day, you want to go home and leave work at work. Not having to worry about paperwork and the extra stress after a hard day on the job.  
  • You want a better way to handle the business side of things and have decent systems in place to get things organized.  
  • Perhaps you’d like your drive and determination back where they should be instead of feeling worn down trying to hold it all together day after day.  
  • How about if you got paid for your efforts instead of wasting your time working on quotes for free and pricing up stuff that people don’t want anyway.  
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone on the team shared your attention to detail and quality? 

I get it. I have worked with Tradies and Manufacturers just like you to overcome these issues and I can help you too. 

Running a business is not for everyone and you are one of the exceptions. You have skills that people are willing to pay money for. However, the chances are you are also undervaluing yourself. You can carry on doing things just like you are right now, caught in the sandtrap of business-as-usual or you can take a moment to catch a breath, grab a shot of street-smarts and give yourself the boost you need to take your business forward to a better future. That trap is turning in to quicksand and could hold you there forever. Now’s your chance to get out of that bunker, move forward with confidence and get your score looking respectable.

Hi, I am Jules Radich and I get up every day to influence achievement in others. 

I specialise in helping Tradies and Manufacturers get what they really want from their business. I’ve noticed that you don’t have to work ridiculously hard or insanely long hours to make your business great; you just need to work a little smarter and I’m here to help you do that. Typically it’s not your trade skills that hold you back, it’s your mindset. Haven’t you noticed that it’s not the guys who are best on the tools who make it to the top – it’s the ones who work the smartest. You may have wondered why one person gets ahead while another does not but you probably haven’t figured out why, otherwise you would have changed. Maybe you are not sure what to change or don’t know how to do it.

Here’s your opportunity to find out… 

  • If you took 6 weeks off next month, would you come back to anything more than a carpark?

“I used to be on a wing and a prayer but now the systems are working. Profitability is up, the team has grown, I’m not on the job as much and I can take the time I want for my family and an overseas holiday”

Andreus Van Leeuwen, Paint+Paper+Design

  • What would you do with a spare bag of money?

“In the first 6 months working with Jules, we increased our turnover by 30%, but we increased our profitability by 200%. We used to be hectic, we spent the whole time running from one job to the next. With Jules, we worked on systems to make the business more profitable and more professional. Business is going well and I now have more time to spend on the business and with my family”

Mike Hall, Total Door Services, Dunedin

Here’s the perfect opportunity to breakout of sandtrap thinking and break through to a new level of awareness about yourself, your business and your customers. 

The Successful Tradie Business Boost is specially designed for Tradies and Manufacturers to lift their mindset, throw off the shackles that hold them down and usher in a fresh era of profitability and freedom.  

This course is for those who are working hard IN their business and want to make a change to improve and grow it by working ON the business and ON themselves.  

This BUSINESS BOOST will give you the tools and know-how to make the changes you need. The course is delivered on-line and you will have access to all the course materials 24/7 so you can dive in whenever it suits you.  

If you have a business and want to improve your turnover and profits by doing some very simple things then I highly recommend you talk to Jules.”

Spencer Bremner - Kitchen Focus, Dunedin, NZ

“His services have produced outstanding results for our own business and we know that they will work for many other businesses as well.”

Jeff and Rachel McLennan - Transworx S.I., Timaru, NZ

Here’s what’s included in the Business Boost:  

  • 2 modules of Self Worth Strategies to give you a fuller understanding of you so you will always be acting from strength and confidence.  
  • 2 modules of Positioning and Projection that will enable you to convey the benefits of working with you to the clients you really want in a way that has them busting to buy.  
  • 2 modules of Value Proposition that will drive appreciation of you by everyone and help bring a steady stream of clients your way.  
  • 2 modules of Show me the Money to train you in the skills of finding the buried profits in your business that are sitting there inches away just waiting for you to dig them up. 

Here’s how it works…  

  • Week 1 - Who are you and what have you got? This might be the first time you have ever really thought hard about what’s great about YOU.  
  • Week 2 - What can you do for your customers? Here is where you get a proper handle on the value you provide and why your clients love you. This knowledge will stand you in good stead in the best of times and in the worst.  
  • Week 3 - How can you reach your perfect clients? Who you should be talking to and how.  
  • Week 4 - What should you say to your ideal prospect? This is where you learn what to say and why it makes a difference.  
  • Week 5 - How can you prove to your customers that they made the right choice? If they are happy they will show you some love and we like that!  
  • Week 6 - When do you want your customers to tell their friends about you and what do you want them to say? Referrals are the best!  
  • Week 7 - Where do you add the greatest value to people’s lives and what is that worth? How can you best monetize your value – let’s figure it out and figure it in.  
  • Week 8 - Why should you bother? What are you doing this for anyway? What possibilities are you missing out on? What’s that worth? Let’s have it! 

And best of all, these modules will be included with: 

  • Access to 8 weeks’ worth of content that you can access at your convenience once each week’s material is released.  
  • Video resources for each week so it’s not about reading a pile of paperwork  
  • Access to me via email to ask any questions you might have during the course.  
  • Templates you can download ready for you to use in your business immediately. 

And that’s not all, if you act now, you also get these amazing bonuses


Join before the 5th October and get a FREE copy of “How to make the next 12 months your best year ever” 


Join before October and get a FREE 12 month subscription to the Good News Report – a monthly inspirational newsletter posted direct to your mailbox full of positivity and fun to keep you motivated and on song. 


The Instant Money Mind Map – a marvellous mindmap showing you dozens of places where money is hidden in your business so that you will always have somewhere to look anytime you think about it. 


The Profit First Auto Budget which is a handy spreadsheet made in Microsoft XL. It enables you to set a budget for yourself based on what you would like the business to make for you. Using only the figures you’ve already got in last year’s accounts you can make a USEFUL, WORKABLE BUDGET IN 10 MINUTES FLAT! 

As a Business Coach for 10 years and having run my own businesses over 30 years, I have seen and gone through everything business owners experience daily. Operating through 2 recessions and trading in a declining environment taught me just as many valuable lessons as going hard in the good times did. I created this Successful Tradie Business Boost so tradies and manufacturers like you can save time and get straight to the point of improvement without all the trial and error of figuring it out for yourself. I hate seeing unused potential go to waste. This course is created with you in mind. It’s not a one size fits all, it’s designed for real people who do stuff and make stuff. As a motorcycle shop owner for 20 years, I learned a lot about fixing things and selling stuff, but as a student of business over 40 years I learned a heck of a lot more. My mission now is to help others shortcut the hard road of business mistakes and go straight to the answers. You can continue to do things the way you are at the moment and make your own way through or you can save yourself the time and headaches and cut to the chase. Why delay taking action for another day when you can get some simple solutions right here today. Grab the Successful Tradie Business Boost now and you are entitled to a Bonus 30 minute one-on-one Business Health Check session with me on the phone or Skype to take a good review of your own situation and devise a tailor-made plan exclusively for you. 

Yes - I am ready

Working with Jules has been amazing. In fact the results we got after we began working with Jules were like chalk and cheese.

Aaron Aitcheson - A & L Furniture Finishers, Dunedin 

“Jules has helped us fine tune our business, the subtle changes that he has suggested were easy to make and had a positive effect on our bottom line.”

Brent McDonald - Methven Motor Services, Methven 

Yes - I am ready

This course comes with a Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re not completely satisfied that this course can change your life for the better and make you more money, we will refund your investment in full at ANY STAGE during the course! Yes – you do actually get to invest some money in this course and the funny thing is that it makes a difference. If you put your money up you are far more likely to put some effort in and take the action that’s needed to achieve a result. Good intentions never changed anything, you need to take action to make things happen. So, how much should you invest in this? Quite a lot because the ROI (return on Investment) for the people shown above and many others has been huge. Hundreds of thousands of extra income and profitability for just a minimal expense. What is a 10% increase on your bottom line worth to you? What about 100%? These are the improvements that others have seen. This program could be worth tens or hundreds of thousands to you but your investment is only $4990 plus the gst of course. Not only that but you are probably eligible for a capability grant for the course through Trade and Enterprise New Zealand and we are a registered and approved provider of Business Coaching services. They will pay for half the cost of the course for you as long as you apply and they think the course is a good fit for you. As a special offer for all courses completed this year we will simply bypass that system and supply the course for you at half price – that’s right, just $2495 (plus the gst of course)

However, this course is not for everyone - You’re only ready for this course if you are: 

  • Serious about growing your business and prepared to do something about it other than talking!  
  • Ready to make a few changes that will increase your profits rather than sitting on your hands and worrying.  
  • Tired of being forever busy but never properly productive and prepared to find out why.  
  • Ready to do some work ON your business and committed to stop accepting your own excuses for not doing so.  

Seriously though, don’t waste your money and my time on this if you are: 

  • More of a talker than a doer. One of the reasons I love to work with Tradies and Makers of things is that they do stuff – they don’t just sit around discussing what they’re gunna do. The key to getting a result in anything is activity not hot air.  
  • Not interested in money? Then this course is not for you and actually some people are simply not attracted to money and vice versa  
  • If you are happy sitting right where you are, then that is fine. Naturally you should stay there – a Business Boost is not for you.  
  • If you already know all there is to know, it is a waste of money to invest in more knowledge. The great secrets of life itself will slip by undiscovered if you already know all you need to know.

So, if you think it’s right for you, just click the button and you’re all go! We’ll start with a 10 minute phone call to make sure that the fit is right and we’ll get going… 

This course comes with a Money Back Guarantee!

If you’re not completely satisfied that this course can change your life for the better and make you more money, we will refund your investment in full at ANY STAGE during the course! This is an opportunity to invest in yourself. Sure, I know, most of the time you’d prefer to invest in some new tool or toy but the shift in mindset after taking this business boost will make buying the next new tools and toys a whole lot easier.